During the pandemic:

  • Tax revenue declined
  • Unemployment went up
  • Businesses suffered
  • People needed much more help
  • Governments had to step up

In the midst of it all, attitudes, behaviours, and expectations changed. And some of those changes (e.g., working from home, leveraging technology) are likely to stay.

The public sector has a major role to play in the economic recovery. And having spent heavily already, it is important to be wise about spending while getting significantly more “bang for the buck,” both short and long term.

The most durable and cost-effective solutions will embody the “DNA” of these ten technologies:



Data Warehousing

Cloud Migration

Broadband | Public Meetings

Service | Asset Management


  • Higher level planning
    to save (and earn) considerable sums of money. Team members know things. Collaborate, automate, and leap ahead.
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
    are improving services in the public sector.
  • Highly targeted surveys
    improve the data used for policy making and results.
  • Speed up reconciliations
    share data and do more budgeting. Good results will follow.
  • Get higher degrees of assurance
    by supporting your current initiatives.
  • Data Warehousing
    is the best way to quickly produce meaningful information.
  • Migrate Applications
    to the cloud to free up your team and reduces operational costs. Create more inclusive meetings, keep records online and get much more value.
  • Manage assets
    at different stages in their productive lives optimizes value.