Businesses today experience an unprecedented range of opportunities thanks to digital technologies, transforming operations, opening markets and creating new jobs.

In the past five years alone, access to the mobile web, ecommerce, and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality have radically changed the way we work, shop and play.

For established, traditionally-structured businesses these changes may feel like a daunting wave of uncertainty and change for a culture built around stability and scale. For new and small business, it can seem like these change are happening too fast to keep up, let alone adopt in a timely manner.

The truth is that not much has changed, in spite of these fears.

Businesses today have much the same goals they had 30 years ago, when the internet first established itself in the mainstream. You have products and services to sell. You need to reach your customers and convince them to buy. 

What are different are the tools you use to connect and sell, and the need to do business in person is quickly becoming obsolete.  Where websites used to be an adjunct to sales, they are now an integral part of them.  Mobile is quickly replacing laptops and has literally put business in customers’ hands, wherever they may be. Operationally, digital technologies are making it easier than ever for businesses to expand and reach markets never before possible.

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