From Main Street retail to multi-national conglomerates, business is run on technology, not only to gain a competitive edge over the competition, but also to manage online sales, remote teams and coordinate distribution. Each of these use cases brings another device or software solution into your business, not only making your network more complex, but exponentially increasing security risk at the same time.

IBM® MaaS360® with Watson™ is a unified endpoint management (UEM) platform that centralizes identity and access management for all of the devices used throughout your organization.  Cloud-based, MaaS360 operates independently from your network and manages your systems globally, where it can track both individual threats as well as identify compromised access points where systems overlap or leave unintended security gaps.

MaaS360 integrates seamlessly with your existing security and productivity tools, giving you deeper, more valuable insights out of the box. Artificial Intelligence elevates MaaS360’s capabilities further, increasing productivity through contextual insights and analyzing security vulnerabilities throughout your network and between devices.

How MaaS360 Impacts Your Bottom Line

According to a recent Forrester survey, long term MaaS360 customers report:

  • 160% Return on investment
  • 50% Reduction in endpoint support tickets
  • 47% Reduction in time spent setting up new users

No matter what size your organization is, MaaS360 detects threats and automates remediation throughout your entire network and across all of your applications and devices. Built-in identity and access management further secures mobile devices, by protecting your information and preventing unauthorized access to your network.

IBM MaaS360’s Top Benefits:

  • Provides access and set permissions for mobile users smoothly and securely
  • Provides single-touch, single sign-on access to approved mobile, web-based and software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps
  • Assigns conditional access
  • Consolidates and link user login credentials for business-critical SaaS apps
  • Interoperates with solutions from third-party identity management providers
  • Delivers rapid time-to-value

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