Managing a community or municipality effectively requires an up-to-date roadmap or strategic plan (planning document)

The best planning documents understand how your municipality works, what management resources you have available, and your citizens’ needs. But constructing a strong plan requires resources or skills your team may not have.

TGT Solutions does the work for you.

We start with an investigation into your structure, identifying stakeholders and learning how your organization currently works.

Then we’ll look at your planning items already in the pipeline, including unfinished, abandoned and future projects.

If required, we’ll also look at external factors, such as federal- or state-imposed best practice recommendations, talk to citizens, and deep-dive into everything that makes your municipality unique.

The TGT 10-Point Process

Our investigation dives into every aspect of your municipality, your organizational structure, and your future path. We’ll analyze your existing assets and allow you to comment and review along the way.

We have perfected an effective 10-point process that accelerates our investigation and helps us produce a document uniquely designed to fit your needs.

Once your planning document is complete, you’ll have a clear understanding to guide the next three to fifty years of growth and prosperity in your municipality. We’ll even leave you with clear metrics to measure success and tools to help you obtain funding.

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