Identity and Access Management

Your systems and data are only as safe as the people who interact with them. Every transaction presents a potential threat. Hackers can gain access if your employees are careless with their passwords; competitors can learn company secrets if your data permissions aren’t carefully locked down.

You need reliable identity management and authentication practices to make sure people who access your systems are who they say they are and to make certain they only have access to the information you want them to have. TGT sets up access and identity management systems that monitor and detect unidentified users and patterns.

Policy and Governance Review

It is one thing to lock down your systems and ensure identity protocols are in place, but organizations need clearly defined policies to ensure procedures are followed consistently and security measures remain intact. TGT cybersecurity experts will review your in-house security documentation and provide a customized evaluation and recommendations to improve operational security throughout your organization.

Awareness: Phishing and Dark Web Services

The Dark Web is a portion of the internet that can only be accessed with special software that allows users and website operators to remain anonymous and untraceable. Criminals use the Dark Web to trade illegal substances, including stolen personal data, company secrets and private financial information. TGT offers programs that:

  • Increase awareness of the organizational risks posed  by the Dark Web
  • Provide ongoing training and assessment
  • Monitor the Dark Web for company and employee information as a safeguard measure

Physical Security Review

Every organization relies on some level of physical space to store and secure its digital assets. Too many organizations take physical security for granted. TGT’s expert team will investigate and assess your organization’s physical spaces and recommend strategies to ensure your data and hardware remains secure.

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