A professional development investment, not an expense

Have you ever paid high fees for a strategic plan that failed to live up to its potential or, worse, ended up abandoned halfway through?

Traditional consultancy models produce high-priced documents that are often designed without thought to your team’s capacity or their ability to fully understand them, let alone execute them.

The Small-Town Strategy Solution gives your team the capacity and context they need to create and carry out your own local strategy, year after year.

Introducing The Small-Town Strategy Solution

The Small-Town Strategy Solution is a professional development program for communities with fewer than 60,000 residents.

Our program prepares you to write your own strategic plan, one that aligns to your community’s identity and vision.  Our team works with yours to co-create the document, with additional input and resources from experts and other similar communities around the world. The program also gives your team the skills and workable timelines they need to carry out the plan and measure results – using your own people and resources. 

Align your funds, people, and time

The Small-Town Strategy Solution is a 6-month training and plan development program for leaders and teams of municipalities with smaller communities. We equip teams to become the trailblazers they want to be and make a profound impact. In a culture that requires you to do more with less, we need to change how we operate within that expectation.

The Team Behind the Small-Town Strategy Solution

TGT Solutions is your premier partner for tech and digital municipal management tools. With Chéla Inc. specializes in rural community and economic development strategies for change-making organizations. Together, we are please to introduce our signature training program for Municipal Leaders and their teams – The Small-Town Strategy Solution.

Never again feel like you’re not the right group to lead the long-term growth of your community. Never again hire a strategic planning consultant.

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