Everyone is talking about AI these day, but what is it? Why does it matter for your business?

Debunking AI Myths

Myth #1: AI is hard to use

False.    New AI platforms are easy to set up and plug easily into many existing systems. 

Myth #2: You can’t use AI without hiring a specialist

False.    Once the solution is built, TGT’s solutions can be managed by anyone in your organization who needs access.

Myth #3: AI is expensive

False:    With simple set up and interchangeable models, AI solutions can be very affordable.


AI saves you money and makes your organization more efficient

AI-enabled systems offer immediate benefits, allowing you to streamline your organization and do far more with fewer resources. AI can help you target your customers more effectively, improve your distribution networks, cut production costs and create reports that help you understand your customers better than ever before.

The Benefits of AI

AI is relevant for almost all Organizations

Transitioning into AI now can give almost any organization an immediate competitive advantage. Doing so will better position you to become an industry leader in the years ahead.

Many organizations are already resource strapped. There are several operational areas in any organization to which AI can be applied. Even if you have no coders internally, TGT can assist you in getting started and show your team how to use AI to create value quickly.

AI is easy with TGT at your side

With 25 years of expertise in consulting and building Profit through Technology®, TGT is uniquely positioned to help your organization transition into AI-enabled solutions. 

TGT will help and guide you through the process.  We have an easy to understand AI engine and can help you no matter how big or small the project.

We help you through the discovery process. Our experts leverage your stakeholders’ domain experience and expertise. We’ll work with your experts and build an AI-driven process that gives your whole team access to their expertise without exceeding bandwidth.

TGT has deep experience in analytics and reporting, the cornerstones of any AI project. We bring expertise in predictive modeling too, so you can get the most out of your AI-generated reports.Contact Our AI Team Now

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