Mobile Device Management

Smartphones, laptops, tablets and wearables of all kinds are now commonplace, and your employees likely use a combination of company-issued devices and their own to access your systems. These devices need to be secured.

Our cost-effective security solutions can help you manage all these devices, whether they belong to your organization, staff, or your clients. We’ll provide security solutions to protect everything from email and downloads to apps or even the browsers used to access your systems. Advanced cyberthreats, such as malware or phishing attempts, will be detected immediately and blocked before they can do harm.

Detect and Respond to Threats

Organizations increasingly rely on remote communication and virtual work environments, but these conditions automatically increase their susceptibility to cyber threats.

TGT helps your organization establish a protective firewall with a monitoring system to detect malicious activity both internally and externally. With the right framework in place, you can rest easily knowing we are protecting your systems in real-time.


Computer viruses are prevalent in our digital world. Most organizations are exposed through email attachments or when employees visit infected websites. You need to protect your devices, systems and data not only with antivirus software, but also with an ongoing monitoring system to identify external attacks as they happen.

TGT actively installs and manages affordable solutions that protect your organizations and safeguard your data from malicious activity. Our solutions are integrated with all of the other cybersecurity systems we install on your behalf, so you gain protection across all parts of your organization and gain an extra security layer as a result.

Patch Management

Your operating systems and applications depend on continual software upgrades to protect against the latest security risks. These upgrade, or patches, may be delivered by the software vendor or by your internal IT team responsible for creating and maintaining the software you use. Third-party applications require a quarterly review and upgrade schedule to ensure they are kept up-to-date. Custom applications require a specialized security solution.

TGT’s patch management service helps you build or deploy patches and securely automates the process. Environmental stability and performance are prioritized with every update activity. TGT also tests all production and non-production environments and reports on patching requirements throughout.

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