Your company generates data that needs to be both secure and accessible. TGT’s expert data team is ready to help. We take your data organization, architecture, management and optimization needs and build powerhouse systems that fit your needs.

No matter what state your data is in or where it stored – Oracle, DB2, SQL Server repository or elsewhere – we have the tools and expertise to extract, reformat and transform your systems so your data can be put to good use.

We’ll also ensure you can optimize transaction throughput, troubleshoot application performance issues and measure database capacity requirements for effective planning and management.

TGT Solutions provides deep performance, usage and availability metrics for IBM DB2, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server, including common metrics such as:

  • Activity and Query methods
  • Cache and Buffering
  • Transactions and Locks
  • Memory and I/O
  • Database and Tables
  • Backup and Replication

Our process simplifies server and application capacity planning, allowing you to correlate DBMS performance against server usage and availability – and reinforces its relationship with other tiers such as Web and Application Servers.

We understand that relational database management systems are also vital components for business success. TGT provides performance monitoring, alerting, analysis and reporting to facilitate essential management systems for a broad set of vendor platforms including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and DB2. 

These services include:

Rapidly Identify Problems

Constrained resources are normally the result of underlying problems. TGT provides detailed metrics across multiple database vendor platforms to analyze problems quickly and accurately.

TGT monitors your system’s overall workload and resource consumption at the database server instance or cluster level. Our findings and reports allow us to construct a performance profile of a ‘normal’ database server instance, identify deviations from this profile and diagnose the cause of such deviations.

Real Time Alerts

Built-in systems alert administrators to degrading conditions. Notifications can be set up using the administrator’s method of choice, so they can proactively manage their critical database environments before performance issues arise.

TGT’s solutions fit into existing infrastructure management frameworks, team structures and business processes, allowing integrated cross-platform database management.

Detailed Performance Metrics

Our analytics team provides visibility into bottlenecks at multiple levels to help identify and resolve your performance issues. Our experts identify and report on poorly executing applications and queries, transaction execution times, method, compilation, rollbacks and locks, so that you can optimize and streamline with ease.

We also review lock contention, cache hit ratio and system processes, SQL statement statistics and dynamic statements text executed by your applications.

Historical Trend Analysis

TGT Solutions can help you determine long and short term trends for database availability, performance and usage.

We produce reports for all active databases, so you can establish performance, overall workload, resource consumption and compliance with (or deviation from) normal performance profiles.

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