Cybersecurity has never been more important, especially now that businesses are pushing large portions of their operations online. Right now, cybercriminals are taking advantage of uncertainty and chaos, leaving organizations vulnerable as they scramble to adapt.

Many organizations are facing pressure to quickly convert their offices to adapt to global changes while still keeping sales coming in quickly and cost-effectively, security issues are being delayed or forgotten. But criminals aren’t taking a break, which means you could be putting your company’s information and trade secrets or your customers’ personal data at risk

TGT Solutions has developed a suite of solutions specifically designed to help your organization reduce cybersecurity risk and offer more protection. Here is a summary of our solutions:


Cybersecurity begins with people – the employees, contractors, and customers who access your data and interact with your organization’s systems every day.

TGT analyzes your corporate data policies, employee education and existing security protocols. Then we ensure that everyone with data access is properly trained. We’ll also check to make sure appropriate permissions and authentication protocols are in place. Identification and access management, combined with training, reduces the risk of confidential data falling into the wrong hands.


Your organization is built on data: customers’ personal data, supplier information, process data, intellectual property, financial information, and more. It’s no accident that the tech industry talks about the Great Data Gold Rush – data has value, and it must be protected. TGT experts evaluate and qualify your organization’s complete data profile, and we ensure that each type of information has the appropriate level of security.


Applications (or apps) include any software your organization uses or creates. For example: your point-of-sale system, which captures customer transactions, or your accounting software, which processes financial information. Email and file sharing are critical for collaboration and communication.

Third-party apps are typically lower risk, as long as they are properly maintained and patched, but care must be taken to ensure data is being managed securely when stored offsite. Custom-built apps should be rigorously tested and evaluated, and all apps must be monitored and reviewed regularly to help identify and remediate security breaches before extensive damage occurs.


Technology infrastructure includes all of the mechanical tools and devices that provide computing power (i.e. servers, desktop computers, laptops and cellphones), the network that allows these devices to communicate with each other (i.e. switches, routers and firewalls), and their connectors (i.e. cable, fibre and wifi). Every section of your infrastructure must be continually analyzed and monitored to capture and report on malicious activity and keep your systems secure.

TGT Assessments

TGT’s cybersecurity assessment process starts by understanding where your organization’s security currently stands. To this end, we use our proven Journey to Discovery® methodology. Using this process, TGT assesses the effectiveness of your current security measures, identifies potential vulnerabilities, and determines both the type and volume of data that needs to be protected. The result is a customized cybersecurity plan designed specifically to meet your organization’s need.

TGT’s Cybersecurity Solutions:

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