Social Marketing Consultant

If you are new to social media or don’t have the resources to dedicate to social marketing, TGT Solutions has you covered. We manage your complete social lifecycle – from creating and publishing content to real-time brand and product monitoring.  And we extend your reach with measurable metrics and the ability to engage with key influencers.

TGT Solutions’ social team connects companies to their customers across all social channels – fostering meaningful one-on-one conversations and amplifying reach through targeted digital advertising and leveraging viral sharing opportunities. 

Social Marketing Strategist

Your social media campaign does not live in a vacuum. It needs to be integrated with your global marketing strategies to be effective. When you partner with TGT Solutions, we’ll start by converting your business objectives into a social media strategy designed to take your marketing plan to the next level.

Social Media Marketing

  • Simplify all your social marketing tasks from scheduling and posting to measuring, analyzing and iterating
  • Create rich social content and publish to multiple social channels
  • Central-platform management for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other brand social properties
  • Streamline management by organizing stakeholders and products into teams
  • Consolidate multiple tools, workflows and automation to ensure compliance and standardize operations across your organization
  • Enhance security to your accounts with single sign-on access, protected by advanced security protocols
  • Integrate with other marketing, CRM, sales and service channels
  • Optimize for desktop, tablet and mobile phone


  • Monitor the pulse of your social conversations with advanced and robust listening tools designed to identify trends, opportunities and potential business threats across all owned, earned and paid media content on social channels
  • Listen to your audience, join in developing conversations, respond to people and quickly resolve customer issues
  • Measure and track customer and brand sentiment and mentions, create in-depth reports, and measure your share of voice against your competitors in real-time


  • Improve and fine tune messages, posts and content with relevant, real-time metrics via our advanced analytic dashboards
  • Identify content types, social networks and key influencers as they emerge and drive engagement, conversion and tangible business results.
  • Predict post performance based on historical data and brand insights from across the social web


  • Deliver content, measure impact, and streamline your efforts in one place
  • Build repeat customers by sharing relevant content to build meaningful relationships and experiences

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