AI-powered solutions for the front-line Security Analyst

With a shortage of cybersecurity talent available and job fatigue on the rise, security analysts are often unable to manage the enormous volume of data insight collected by their systems day-to-day. This leaves businesses vulnerable to unaddressed security threats.

QRadar Advisor with Watson fills this gap.

Powered by IBM’s Watson AI, QRadar automates routine security operations, helps your analysts find commonalities between issues and investigations, and provides actionable feedback.

See how QRadar Advisor with Watson can compound your team’s effectiveness to drive consistent and deeper investigation and reduce dwell times.

● Compound your team’s efforts

Allow your analysts to focus on the big picture and let Advisor automate repetitive security operations.

● Drive consistent and deeper investigations

Advisor augments human intelligence so that your analysts are driving consistent and thorough investigations each and every time.

● Reduce dwell times

Reduce MTTD* and MTTR** rates with a quicker and more decisive escalation process. that allows you to perform root cause analysis and drive next steps with confidence.

*Mean-Time-To-Detect **Mean-Time-To-Resolve

Key Features:

QRadar with Watson makes it easy for your analysts to identify and validate cyberthreats and align each attack progression with established MITRE ATT&CK chain standards. Then, through analysis of the local environment, QRadar Advisor recommends which new investigations should be escalated, so the analyst is left free to prioritize and resolves critical issues with ease.

Enhanced Watson feedback further improves analyst accuracy by applying cognitive reasoning to identify threats and connect related threat entities (such as malicious files, suspicious IP addresses, and rogue entities) to make them easier to combat. QRadar Advisor automatically links investigations through connected incidents, reducing duplication of effort and extending the investigation beyond the current probable incident and alert.

QRadar Advisor helps you identify investigations with the greatest risk, run multiple investigations at the same time and sort and filter through the data to quickly understand where you should focus your attention. Proactive tuning also ensures you remain on top of new threats as they emerge, and reduces the risk of multiple duplicate investigations being triggered by the same events.

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