Our Microsoft implementation consulting team brings a unique blend of knowledge and experience to any system or technology implementation project. We provide project management services to clients from inception to completion and every stage in between, from hardware/software selection to installation to continuing maintenance. We also provide ongoing training and support to ensure your staff members are working efficiently toward your company’s goals.

TGT provides:

  • A comprehensive understanding of how Microsoft solutions can bring business value to the client.
  • A team experienced in managing complex technology implementations.
  • Data architecture and rearchitecture.
  • License and support agreement experience, ensuring that your best interests are kept at the forefront of the implementation.

TGT benefits:

Execute projects on-time and on-budget

TGT Solutions’ Microsoft service delivers projects that are carefully managed to ensure they remain on time and without last minute budget surprises.

Leverage our knowledge and experience

With years of business and technology experiences collectively under our belts, we help our clients avoid common project mistakes and ensure the project runs effectively and efficiently.

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