TGT Solutions’ long-term partnerships with Microsoft, Oracle and IBM provide us with the resources we need to help you select the best platforms and systems to complement and integrate with your existing technology investments.  Our deep expertise and broader software implementation resources give us the flexibility necessary to adapt and design reliable solutions that meet your specific business needs.

Our dedicated team analyzes your needs and conducts a detailed audit so we can determine the optimal way to address your company’s specific problems. We make sure we understand your business requirements and document them carefully. This process ensures that the initiative starts on the right foot, and that everyone on your team and ours has a clear, common directive.

Once your solution is deployed, TGT Solutions stays by your side.  We are there to assist you with training, answer questions or help you optimize for best results.  If you chose to form a Managed Services relationship with TGT, rest assured that your system will always be up-to-date and maintained with the latest software and security updates.  Our maintenance team will monitor, measure and optimize all aspects of your solution’s performance to ensure that it continues to fulfill your business’ needs.

Call TGT when you are ready to:

Create New Processes:

Your organization needs clearly defined business processes, no matter what it does. Standardizing your operations is a critical step toward optimizing your productivity, reducing costs and facilitating collaboration. Don’t wait for things to go wrong. Build your systems intentionally and create efficiency from the start.

Optimize Existing Processes

Are your business processes working as efficiently as they should? When was the last time you conducted an assessment or revised them? TGT consultants collaborate with your in-house team to assess, refine and streamline your current systems to ensure your teams are operating optimally.

Reengineer Existing Processes

Even with the best intentions, the processes you do put in place might not work as intended. Or perhaps your organization has evolved, grown or your priorities shifted. In any case, your operations have to adapt. TGT experts can help you reassess your organization’s needs and establish new practices to support them.

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