Tired of managing your business’ social media accounts? Lack the resources to do so? TGT Solutions’ Social Media Driver® delivers a comprehensive social media marketing solution that manages your entire social media cycle with the latest enterprise-class software. Social Media Driver® covers all aspects of social media management, from actionable metrics to the ability to engage with key influencers.

Your social channels are a critical part of your ability to innovate, compete and enhance customer and brand experience. Social Media Driver® provides the social strategies and tools you need to transform your business.

Social Media Driver® can help you:

  • Manage all social activity and the complete social media marketing cycle from a centralized dashboard
  • Streamline content development and delivery
  • Understand and improve the strategic impact of your social marketing efforts
  • Build meaningful relationships with key influencers
  • Integrate across all digital marketing channels to deliver consistent customer and brand experiences

For businesses that prefer à la carte services or need help getting started, we also offer a wide range of social media solutions:

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