The Toronto Central Community Access Centre (CCAC) Finance Team was looking for a more efficient way to handle their Financial Reporting and make them adaptable to varying cycles. They needed a versatile application to record data, generate reports and templates and handle their template approval process.

TGT architected a solution based on ASP.NET MVC that streamlined tasks related to financial data and increased efficiency.  The solution allowed CCAC to use Excel files to import financial data internally, where it could be harvested and safely stored in a Microsoft SQL Server data repository. Data could then be used to generate standard reports and templates using a .NET Service scheduled by the Server’s Task Scheduler. Ad hoc reports were made possible by integrating a third party application with the MVC platform.

The application design also included a complete membership platform that provided different access levels to specific areas of the application. This permission-based format allows Administers to control employee access to data and other functionality throughout the application.

Currently, CCAC uses solely this tool for all of their financial reporting needs.

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