Digital glue to hold your organization together

Organizations and teams are built by people, which means they are dependent on human interactions and relationships to succeed. Finding ways to foster human connection are essential to ensure your organization functions successfully.

In order to build a strong, effective team, people need to:

  • Belong to a community
  • Contribute to that community
  • Receive value from that community
  • Invite like-minded people to participate

But each member of your team has different interests, opinions and modes of expression. They each need personal attention, and, in today’s world, increasingly demand to be accommodated on their own terms and according to their own timetables.

Individualization presents significant management challenges, making it difficult to structure activities and processes, keep members informed and motivate team members.

M³ provides a framework that help you manage and grow internal communities.

The M3 platform works on three levels:

M1MembersBrowser basedSet standards
M2ManagementStandards basedShare ideas
M3Mosaic (the world)Cloud basedBuild community

Connecting with M3

Members (M¹)Management (M²)Mosaic (M³)
individual self-management tools
● centralized reference material
● content and idea collaboration
● private and secure communication
● policy creation and propagation
● conversation monitoring
● content privacy controls
● easily policy distribution
● facilitate team access to the world
● unlimited scalability
● Attract talent and contributions
● showcase your collective value

Why Choose M³

You select the Administrator(s)
You control your own data
Digitally enhance your Organization
Strategically connect as you see fit
No data mining by TGT or any third-party
No sale of your data

The M³ platform is an easy to use, fun, innovative way to keep members actively engaged.


*pricing for groups under 50 people. Call us for larger group pricing
**valid for the next 30 days