Web Application Protection

Web-based applications present a range of risk factors, depending on the nature of the application and whether it is third-party or built in-house. TGT deploys a proprietary process that includes a battery of tests to evaluate and mitigate these risks. This service can be provided on a one-off basis or scheduled as a recurring review.

Source Code Assessment and Scanning

TGT has deep expertise in the tools necessary to review and assess the security protocols built into your custom application code. TGT also provides education and guidance in the use of source code, assessment best practices, and scanning software.


TGT is a certified installer of Payment Card Industry compliant solutions. We work with clients of every size across all industries to implement solutions that connect to payment card transaction processing. TGT is also versed in the national and international privacy standards and will help you to navigate these waters.

Testing and Code Management

If your organization uses software of any kind, it must be rigorously tested and code management policies must be put in place. Are your applications up to date? Are they still compliant? Is your custom code accessible to future developers who might need to review or reference it? TGT provides scheduled reviews to make sure your code remains safe and viable.

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