Secure and Simplify Financial Services with AI

Financial services have been radically transformed by AI applications in both the front and middle office. AI improves customer service, optimizes workflows, automates repetitive work, dramatically reduces risk and human error, and saves your organization money.

Credit and risk assessment

AI takes the guess work out risk management.  AI can predict and assess loan risks better than manual calculations. AI-based credit scoring allows for a fast, cheaper, fair, and accurate credit assessment of a potential borrower than traditional rule-based scoring methods.

Predicting business churn

Changing interest rates and market influences can be unknown risk variables that affect a business’ ability to succeed.  AI can compare business patterns from past transaction events to determine when a business client might be in jeopardy – or predict when your bank might lose their business entirely.

Payment instruction repair

An AI can handle returned payments where names are spelt incorrectly or digits transposed and allow payments to go through without being returned. An AI is more effective than manual processors at processing high volumes of transactions with varying types of errors.

Fraud and anomaly detection

AI is particularly useful for monitoring dynamic data where system conditions change frequently and have to be identified and responded to immediately.  AI identifies anomalies in real time, dramatically reducing fraud for your company accountants, analysts and investors.

Recommendation engines

Using existing data, an AI can make recommendations for everything from improving tasks, optimizing team workflows or provide product and service recommendations to customers based on behavior, preferences and comparisons to other similar customers.

Customer Service

AI-enabled chatbots are proven effective in reducing service interventions and improving customer satisfaction across the board. Today’s chatbots are sophisticated enough to act as your front line service desk, answering commonly asked questions and solving issues with ease.

TGT makes AI accessible

Our plug-and-play AI solution makes it easy for your team to build and deploy machine learning models that make your existing applications more effective. Built-in collaboration tools simplify deployment, while our out-of-the-box toolbox makes AI affordable and achievable.

Not sure how AI can transform your organization?  We’ll perform a business analysis and identify ways AI-enabled systems can improve your productivity, efficiency and costs.

Ready with a project, but don’t know where to start?  We’ll show you how to build your own machine learning models, and quickly build, deploy and manage them at scale. 

Give your organization the competitive edge it needs to get ahead today. Call TGT today and book an AI-readiness review and consultation.

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