Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) is on the rise

It’s hard to turn on the news or look at a new product without seeing it splashed across your screen. And yet, most people have no idea what it is, what it can actually do, and why it matters to their business.

Most of the AI systems in use today make use of one or more subsets of AI that are able to tackle individual problems but only within limited scope.  Some examples include:

Machine learning

a simple algorithm-based system that allows computers to sort through large sets of data to look for predetermined classifications and categorizations to make predictions or decisions.

Natural language processing

a process that allows computers to recognize variables in human speech and translates them into computer commands.

Deep learning

a complex set of algorithms that allows for more nuanced predictions and decision making.

In the workplace, AI-enabled systems offer immediate benefits, allowing you to streamline your organization and do far more with fewer resources. AI can help you target your customers more effectively, improve your distribution networks, cut production costs and create reports that help you understand your customers better than ever before.

Transitioning into AI now gives your organization an immediate competitive advantage and positions you to become an industry leader in the years ahead. Failing to adapt or ignoring AI altogether is no longer an option. But organizations are already resource strapped, and very few of them have access to coders and a knowledge base that will allow them to adopt AI practices in-house.

TGT makes AI accessible

Our plug-and-play AI solution makes it easy for your team to build and deploy machine learning models that make your existing applications more effective. Built-in collaboration tools simplify deployment, while our out-of-the-box toolbox makes AI affordable and achievable.

Not sure how AI can transform your organization?  We’ll perform a business analysis and identify ways AI-enabled systems can improve your productivity, efficiency and costs.

Ready with a project, but don’t know where to start?  We’ll show you how to build your own machine learning models, and quickly build, deploy and manage them at scale. 

Give your organization the competitive edge it needs to get ahead today. Call TGT today and book an AI-readiness review and consultation.

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