Data Inventory and Governance

Your organization collects vast quantities of data, so much you likely can’t keep track of it all. TGT experts perform a data audit on your entire organization, providing you with a clear understanding of the data you are collecting. This data creates opportunities to gain better business insights and ensuring you have taken appropriate steps to manage and secure it all.

Activity Monitoring

Beyond understanding the data you are collecting and verifying who is accessing it, your data itself provides valuable intelligence. Knowing who is accessing what information, as well as when and how they’re connecting, gives you a deep and highly detailed picture of how your organization is running, and what you can to do make it even better.


Whether transactions occur over the phone or via the internet, it passes through a pipeline to get from point A to point B. This pipeline might be physical, in the form of a cable or fibre line. Or it might be virtual, such as a wifi connection. Either way, the transportation system itself may be vulnerable to attack. A reputable encryption system adds an extra layer of protection to your valuable information.

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