Your business solutions are complex and mission critical. They are also dependent on an increasing volume or traffic and data, so when performance degrades, it can negatively impact your profitability. From an operations perspective, you can’t make timely and effective decisions if you don’t have accurate and up-to-date information at your fingertips.

TGT Solutions has extensive experience in performance optimization across a broad range of software platforms. We have worked successfully with some of the major players in this space and regularly conduct performance testing and optimization on complex, high-volume systems.

Our expert systems team will work with you to perform a comprehensive analysis and provide actionable recommendations to resolve your performance issues.

TGT provides:

  • Load testing
  • Physical hardware optimization
  • Virtualization optimization
  • Network optimization
  • Architecture and code reviews and recommendations
  • Database performance monitoring and tuning

Some benefits of our platform services include:

  • Identify and isolate problems quickly
    Our knowledge of platform optimization allows us to zero in quickly on the source of the problem.
  • Gain valuable insight
    Our end to end systems testing capability provides insight so your team not only understands the source of current problems but are also able to identify areas that could be problematic in the future – before they impact your business.
  • Target Implementation Solutions
    Once root causes are determined, TGT’s experts develop and implement targeted solutions to eliminate the issue at its source.

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