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Dec 3rd, 2020 | Vancouver 10 am | Toronto 1:00 pm | Calgary 11 am Online

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning is revolutionizing manufacturing. The benefits are immense – from improving production, optimizing maintenance, to improving administration and supply chains. But leaders find it tough to understand what it is. ​How do I practically use it without spending a year and a million dollars? In this conference, you will hear practical insights on how to get started putting AI to work for your business, TODAY! What is it? You’ll learn:

  • How AI is used in manufacturing to reduce costs and improve efficiency
  • The myths and truths about AI
  • The mindset and steps required for successful AI adoption
  • How to identify AI opportunities in your work
  • The steps in getting started
  • Participants hear real-world examples, engage with experts, and learn how to discover opportunities ​FAST!
  • Smart maintenance
  • Reducing the cost of quality
  • Improving supply chain efficiencies
  • Improving human-machine collaboration

Who should attend?

This conference is for forward-thinking business leaders in manufacturing.

  • CEO / Group CEO
  • COO / CTO / CIO
  • Heads of R&D / Innovation / Digital Transformation
  • Vice President / Director / Heads of Department such as SCM

Why do I need it now?

Manufacturing is vital to our national economy. But the sector is facing global competition, decreasing investment and stagnant output. It is missing out on the opportunities created by the use of new technologies, one of them being Artificial Intelligence.


  • Amit Varma – CEO – Braintoy
  • Tim Smith – Director of Technology Adoption – Memex
  • Stephen C Veldhuis – Director – MMRI, McMaster University
  • Neil Desrosiers CTO – Mazak

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